1. What can we do after doing this Online Course?

Once you complete the Course, you can apply for a Certificate to become a Spiritual Counselor. The Certificate will be issued by the Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy after verifying your credibility to handle Clients affected with stress.

2. Will I get a Government approved University Certificate?

Yes, We can help you get Government approved University Certificate since our Courses are approved and being conducted by them.

3. How are we able to have practical knowledge?

The Classes have techniques to deal with practical cases.We have also provided formats to be filled up by the students based on their practical experience on handling Clients on one to one basis.

4. Does this Online Course certify to practice as a legally approved Counselors?

The Certificate issued by the Academy is authorized only to do Counseling for overcoming stress in our day to day life and not any clinical cases. Since, we do not deal with any clinical cases, we do not need any legal approval.

5. Are we approved to do any assessment by psychological test or diagnosis of physical or mental illnesses?

To deal with day to day stress, there is no need to do any medical test other than the use of formats which are provided along with the course module. If you notice that the person is abnormal, you refer them to a nearby hospital for the medical attention.

6. What is the set up required for this practice?

Minimum space required is an office space where the Counselor and Client can meet. A healing space in your house, in your building, at a community hall, in office is sufficient to start practicing as a Spiritual Counselor.

7. What are the different services I can provide with the Academy Certification ?

You can do counseling to overcome day to day stress, can teach Relaxation, practice Meditation and other Healing process which will make the mind and body calm, easy and light.

8. How it is going to help us by associating with Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy?

By associating with the Academy:

a. You have clarity on what services you are providing and what you are not providing. This will protect you from any legal issues.

b. There is no need for you to do any additional legal registrations.

c. You are connected with a national and International platform to receive updated knowledge, guidance and support to deal with various stress-related issues.

d. You will be guided by the experts of the Academy who are from Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Psychology and even from other technical professional fields in Accounts and IT in handling and managing stress-related cases.

e. You can represent the Academy in your locality to organize workshops, programs in organizations, community halls with the support and guidance of experts from various fields  across India and abroad.